Gluten free bread on Slimming World

On Slimming World we are used to not eating too much bread but many of us fit a slice or two into our Food Optimising each week.  What gluten-free bread can we have on Slimming World?  Of course we can have any bread and count it as syns but it’s much better to use a ‘b’ option and save the syns for something nicer (wine, chocolate, both…)

I personally like Schar’s bread rolls.  They last a few months unopened and once opened last for about a week.  Currently there are 4 in a pack for £2 from Tesco’s.  Each 50g roll counts as a ‘b’ option.

Bfree do a wide range of products including wraps which are really tasty (£3.50 a pack at Tesco’s).  I like the wraps lightly fried to eat instead of chapatis.  ‘b’ options: 1 x 55g Stone Baked Pitta Bread, 2 slices Brown Seeded Loaf (from 400g loaf), 1 x 60g Soft White Roll or 1 x 42g Multigrain Wrap.


You can have 2 slices of Genius Brown Bread (from 350g loaf) or 1 slice of Genius Triple Seeded Bread (from 560g loaf).

Glutafin also have a wide range and the following count as healthy ‘b’ options: 1 x 50g part-baked white roll, 2 slices of white bread (from 400g loaf), 5 High Fibre crackers or 1 slice of seeded bread (from 400g loaf).

As a general rule you may also have 2 x medium slices of gluten-free wholemeal or multigrain bread as your ‘b’ option.

Fancy a sandwich?  You might like Slimming World & Gluten-free Steak Sandwich.

A few alternatives to bread:

  • Nairns gluten-free Oat Muesli   – 35g
  • Cereal made from corn or rice – 35g
  • 2 x Gluten-free wholegrain cereal biscuits (like Nutribix)
  • 4 x plain rice cakes
  • Free from oats – 35g

Slimming World Chocoholic’s Guide


We fill up on free foods and add our healthy ‘a’ and ‘b’ options.  But sometimes we just need a chocolate fix.  How can we keep our sweet tooth under control?  I like to add a little chocolate into my eating plan most days.  This way I think I’m less likely to have a chocolate binge.

Here is a detailed list.  Please check latest syn values with your Slimming World consultant or by using syns online.  If you have any others you think I should add please comment below.

1 – Rolos each

1.5 – Bournville Dark Chocolate Fingers each; Chocolate eclair sweet; Dream White chocolate fingers each; Cadbury’s milk chocolate fingers each

2 – Cadbury’s giant buttons per 2; Cadbury’s Highlights hot choc 11g; After Eight mint thins each; Options hot choc 11g

2.5 – Flake 99 mini 9g

3 – Snack-a-Jacks jumbo chocolate each; Hi-fi bar chocolate orange; Chomp bar 12g; Fudge bar 13g

3.5 – Milkybar 12g; Curly Wurly treat size 14g; Twirl treat 14g; Smarties 14.9g

4 – Cadbury’s buttons milk or white 15g; Crunchie treat size 17g; Flake 99 treat 14g; Mars Bar funsize 18g

4.5 – Freddo caramel 19g; Freddo sprinkles 18g; Time Out 16g; Milkybar buttons 16g

5 – Jaffa Cake bar 24.5g; Freddo 18g; Animal Bar 19g; Blue Riband 19g; Breakaway Bars 19.6g; Kit Kat dark 2 fingers

5.5 – Chomp bar 24g; Dairy Milk bar 15g; Fudge bar 25g; Kit Kat milk/mint/orange 2 fingers; Milkybar buttons 20g

6 – Curly Wurly 26g; Mini eggs 25g

6.5 – Galaxy 24.5g

7 – Cadbury’s Brunch bar choc chip 32g; Flake 99 25.5g; Milkybar 25g

7.5 – Cadbury’s Brunch bar peanut 32g; Mars Bar 34g; Aero 27g

8 – Cadbury’s buttons 30g; Milkybar buttons 30g

8.5 – Flake 99 32g; Time Out 32g; Caramac 30g; Walnut Whip vanilla; Galaxy Ripple 33g

9 – Creme egg; Twirl 34g; Smarties 38g

9.5 –  Crunchie 40g; Freddo Faces 35g; Aero bubbles 35g bag; Toffee Crisp 38g

10 – Lion Bar with peanuts 41g

10.5 – Creme egg twisted bar – 45g; Dairy Milk bubble bar 40g; Wispa 39g; Kit Kat Chunky40g

11 – Aero 40g

11.5 – Bournville Bar 45g; Picnic 48g; Twirl 43g; Mars Bar 51g; Drifter 48g; Galaxy Bar 42g; Galaxy Caramel 48g

12 – Dairy Milk caramel 49g; Lion Bar 50g

12.5 – Boost bar 48.5g; Dairy Milk fruit and nut 49g; Starbar 49g; Rolos 52g; Yorkie bar 46g; Twix 50g

13 – Munchies 52g

13.5 – Wispa gold 52g

14 – Wispa duo 51g


Slimming World Speed Foods

fruit.jpgAll fruits and vegetables are good for you but these are Speed Foods.  Great for filling you up and helping with your weight loss.


apples; apricots

blackberries; blackcurrants

carambola; clementines; cranberries


gooseberries; grapefruit; guava

lemons; limes; loganberries; loquats

mandarins; melon



papaya; passion fruit; peach; pear; plum; pomelo

raspberries; redcurrants; rhubarb (raw)

satsumas; strawberries


ugli fruit



acorn squash; alfalfa sprouts; amaranth leaves; artichokes; asparagus; aubergine

baby sweetcorn; bamboo shoots; bean sprouts; beetroot; broccoli; brussels sprouts; butternut squash

cabbage; capers; carrots; cauliflower; celeriac; celery; chard; chicory; chillies; chinese leaves; courgettes; cucumber


fennel; french/green beans

garlic; gherkins


leeks; lettuce

mangetout; marrow; mushrooms; mustard & cress

okra; onions

pak choi; peppers; pumpkin

radicchio; radishes; rocket; runner beans

samphire; shallots; spaghetti squash; spinach; spring greens; spring onions; sugar snap peas; swede

tomatoes; turnip

vine leaves


Tesco – Slimming World FREE foods


This is a list of some of the Syn Free foods available at Tesco (Feb 2016).  Items are changed all the time so if you are unsure check with or your Slimming World consultant.  I’ve not included basic items like canned vegetables, sugarfree drinks, lean meats; dried pasta and fresh fruit or vegetables which are always free.


Dairy: 0% Fat Natural Yoghurt; Everyday value cottage cheese with onion & chives; Everyday value low fat natural yoghurt; Everyday value natural cottage cheese; fat free Irish yoghurt peach; fat free rhubarb & vanilla yoghurt; Finest greek natural yoghurt 0% fat; Greek style natural yoghurt 0% fat; healthy living cottage cheese with cracked black pepper/cucumber & mint/onion & chives/sweet chilli/natural; healthy living fat free yoghurts – cherry/strawberry/mango & passion fruit/peach; healthy living natural fromage frais; Quark fat free


Fruit & Veg: 5 a day platter; artichoke hearts canned; beetroot salad chilled; black forest fruits frozen; frozen blueberries; capucine capers in brine; Chinese stir fry chilled; country store mixed fruit frozen; hot & spicy mixed beans canned; summer fruits frozen; Thai stir fry chilled

Carbohydrates: Basmati Rice, Boil in the Bag drTesco-Logo-Sourceied; dried couscous; Easy cook dried rice; Everyday value instant mash potato flakes; Ingredients carnaroli rice dried; Ingredients paella rice dried; steam rice white frozen; Thai fragrant rice dried

Meat/veggie: BBQ Chicken Tikka Skewers chilled; BBQ Pork & Pepper Kebabs chilled; British cured honey roast ham; British oak smoked cooked ham; British port mince 5% fat or less; British roast chicken breast slices; British sea salt & black pepper chicken fillets; Chicken mini fillets with a garlic & paprika glaze; Chicken mini fillets with a teriyaki glaze; Chunky chicken tikka pieces chilled; cured chicken breast canned; healthy living meat free sausages made with soya; Simply heat chicken breasts in a red wine & mushroom sauce chilled; soya beans frozen

Fish: Blackened king prawns with cajun spices; smoked salmon pieces with lemon & mixed peppercorns chilled

Seasonings: Beef Stock Cubes; chicken stock cubes; Everyday value chicken stocTesco-Logo-Sourcek cubes; Finest beef stock; Finest chicken stock; Ingredients fish sauce; Ingredients garlic cloves jar; Ingredients oyster sauce; stock pot red wine; stock pot white wine; tikka curry powder; tomato puree double concentrate

Other: Finest chocolate tea





Walkers Crisps Syn Values

Some Syn Values for Walkers Crisps.  I personally think Quavers and French Fries are the best!



Slimming World Kitchen Essentials

These are my Slimming World Kitchen Essentials



  • Tomatoes (great for syn free sauces and with a Mixed Grill – Slimming World)
  • Chick Peas (padding out curries and for making hummus)
  • Mushy Peas (great with poached fish and Slimming World chips)
  • Baked Beans (jacket potato topping, add to loads of dishes)
  • Red Kidney Beans (add to salads and chillies)
  • Sweetcorn (nice in a quiche, salad or to bulk out a chilli)
  • Tuna Chunks (free in brine or water, avoid ones in oil)
  • Spaghetti Hoops

Sprays, Jars & Tubes:

  • Jars of Bovril or Oxo Stock Cubes (free!)
  • Frylight (use instead of oil to make many delicious fried items)
  • Balsamic Vinegarfrylight
  • Soy Sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce or Henderson’s Relish
  • Tomato puree
  • Options Hot Chocolate (2 syns per mug) – great in Choc Orange Pot – Low syn


Herbs & Spices:

If you don’t have many herbs and spices yet, you soon will.  Slimming World meals are all about taste!  Start off with these essentials and then add to them when you need them for new recipes.  You’ll soon need a bigger spice rack!

  • Mixed herbs (add to many dishes but especially useful for spaghetti bolognaise)
  • Chilli powder
  • Curry powder



  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Cous cous
  • Dry Egg Noodles
  • Porridge Oats (35g as a healthy b option) – Slimming World – Overnight Oats
  • Weetabix (2 for a healthy b option)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Cheese & Broccoli (FREE) – needed for Slimming World Quiche
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Chicken & Mushroom (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Cheese, Leek & Ham (1 syn)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Macaroni Cheese (1.5 syns)
  • Batchelors Super Pasta n Sauce Tomato, Onion & Herb (2.5 syns)
  • Tesco Pasta in Sauce, Tomato & Herb (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Chicken & Herb, dried (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Chilli Chicken, dried (FREE)
  • Batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles Sweet Thai Chilli, dried (FREE)
  • Slimming World HiFi bars – Lots of delicious flavours. ( 2 small bars is a healthy extra b choice or count eat bar as 3 syns)

Fruits & Veg

Fridge items

  • Milk (measure out for your healthy ‘a’ choice
  • Cheeses (measure out for your healthy ‘a’ choice
  • Fat free yoghurt
  • Fat free cottage cheese