Bullet Journal – the first few days

OK I’m hooked…  I’ve been looking at the bullet journal idea for a while after spotting it on Pinterest.  I’ve been journalling for a week now and thought I’d share my experiences on my blog.

The main aim of the bullet journal is to organise one’s life instead of using lots of notebooks and scraps of paper.  I wanted to get more organised with my life and I also love doodling and stationery so it seemed like a great idea.

I went for a Moleskine notebook with dotted paper so I could easily draw straight lines and doodle without lines and squares getting in the way.  I also like the thick cream paper but it means I can’t use tippex, unfortunately.  I tend to stick bits of cream paper on top of my mistakes.


Moleskine notebook

I’m not great at calligraphy, so a simple Stablio fineliner does the job.  I use pencil too if I think I’ll make any mistakes.


Pretty Washi tape pages

I’ve added Washi tape to the pages for two reasons: 1 it keeps the pages strong, 2 it looks pretty.  This was an idea I found on Pinterest.


Index and key

On the first page I’ve created an index so that I know where pages are quickly.  There’s also a key so I can remember what all my scribbles mean.


1/2 Year plan

My year plan only started in June because that’s when I started it.

I’ve done monthly plan overviews which I haven’t shown here as there were too many personal items to edit out.  I love setting out the days for the daily plans.  It’s a great chance to practise different handwriting and doodling styles.  The idea is to put down tasks to do using a normal bullet point.  When tasks have been completed you put a cross.  If you decide not to do a task at all you can put a line through the item.  A small arrow means that you have moved the task onto another day.

People use these pages in different ways to suit their lifestyles.  For the time being I am recording my morning and evening blood sugars (which aren’t so good at present).  I have a 15 square grid to monitor my Slimming World Syns each day.  I always have my ‘b choice’ but often forget my ‘a choice’ so I’ve put a tick box for this too.  Other people put grids to keep a check on how much water they drink, exercise they do…anything they want to monitor daily.  Some people include bad habits too, to help keep track of those.


Weight loss page

Many people keep track of things such as weight loss or how much money they are saving for something.  My weight loss page shows how much I’m trying to lose.  Each square represents a pound (I do SW online and my scales don’t do 1/2lbs).


Virtual bookshelf

One of my favourite pages is the Books to Read page.  This isn’t my idea but I had to use it as it is a very visual way of keeping track of my reading and motivating me to read more.  The idea is to colour in the books when you’ve read them.


Cleaning Schedule version 1

Housekeeping seems to be my current Nemesis.  As I’ve been unwell I’ve let things slip.  Ok, if I’m honest, I’ve never been much of a housekeeper.  I’m having a go at a cleaning schedule.  Hopefully, by having one main task per day I’ll be able to keep on top of things.


Address page

This address page is actually my own idea.  In this digital age there aren’t many times that I need an address but I do send birthday cards, Christmas cards and postcards on a regular basis.  Having these on hand should be great when I’m travelling.  This page doesn’t look as great in the photo as I’ve covered up my friends addresses for privacy reasons.


Knitting page

The last page I’m going to write about today is my knitting page.  Obviously not a page for everyone.  I often have to look up knitting needle sizes and some abbreviations.  I’ve also ticked which needles I own so I can make sure I’m prepared for any knitting project.

Well that’s my journal so far,  I’ve got plans for other pages and I might blog about them in the future.  I hope this has given you an insight into what a bullet journal is and how you might be able to start your own.