List of Vegetables and their Calories

To follow on from yesterday’s post about fruits (List of Fruits and their Calories), here is a list of vegetables and their calories.  Each food item is shown per 100g.  Calorie amounts are approximate and you should use your own judgement.  Please leave a comment if you spot any mistakes or if there are items you’d like me to add.

Per 100g of product

  • Artichoke (cooked) – 47 Kcal
  • Asparagus (boiled) – 24 Kcal
  • Aubergine (cooked) – 15 Kcal
  • Baby corn (boiled) – 24 Kcal
  • Baked beans (tinned) – 78 Kcal
  • Beetroot (boiled) – 44 Kcal
  • Broccoli (raw) – 31 Kcal
  • Broccoli (boiled) – 24 Kcal
  • Brussel sprouts (boiled) – 35 Kcal
  • Butternut squash (boiled) – 39 Kcal
  • Cabbage (boiled) – 15 Kcal
  • Carrot (raw) – 43 Kcal
  • Carrot (boiled) – 22 Kcal
  • Cauliflower (boiled) – 28 Kcal
  • Celeriac (boiled) – 15 Kcal
  • Celery (raw) – 7 Kcal
  • Courgette (raw) – 18 Kcal
  • Cucumber (raw) – 19 Kcal
  • Gherkin (pickled) – 67 Kcal
  • Gourd (cooked) – 17 Kcal
  • Green beans – 24 Kcal
  • Green pepper – 15 Kcal
  • Kale (boiled) – 28 Kcal
  • Leek (boiled) – 21 Kcal
  • Lettuce – 14 Kcal
  • Mushrooms (raw) – 15 Kcal
  • Onion (raw) – 38 Kcal
  • Parsnip (roasted) – 75 Kcal
  • Peas (tinned) – 55 Kcal
  • Potato (baked in skin) – 109 Kcal
  • Potatoes (chipped and baked in Frylight) – 70 Kcal
  • Potato (chipped and fried) – 205 Kcal
  • Potatoes (new, boiled) – 72 Kcal
  • Potatoes (roasted in oil) – 150 Kcal
  • Pumpkin (boiled) – 46 Kcal
  • Radish (raw) – 12 Kcal
  • Red pepper (raw) – 27 Kcal
  • Spinach (raw) – 25 Kcal
  • Spring onion (raw) – 25 Kcal
  • Sweetcorn (tinned) – 86 Kcal
  • Tomatoes (raw) – 18 Kcal
  • Turnip (boiled) – 22 Kcal
  • Yellow pepper (raw) – 27 Kcal
  • Sweet potato (boiled) – 76 Kcal


Need help preparing vegetables?  Checkout these links:

Celeriac Mash – how to prepare

Butternut Squash – Easy way to prepare

List of Fruits and their Calories

We all know that we should eat more fruit, but how can we make wise choices with regards to calories?  So a regular banana with 95 Kcal is a better than a Mars Bar with 229 Kcal.  But an apple is a better choice over the banana, having just 82 Kcal.  I’ve put together a table of many fruits to help out those calorie counting.  Please be aware that I may have made mistakes so use your own judgement.  I have only included fruits which are commonly used as sweet items of food.  I have include more savoury fruits, such as tomatoes and peppers in my vegetables list(List of Vegetables and their Calories).

All values are for fresh/raw versions of the fruits unless otherwise shown.  I haven’t included tinned or frozen fruits as values are readily available on packaging.

  • Apple – 1 medium 82 Kcal
  • Apricot – 1 medium 16 Kcal
  • Avocado – ½ medium 160 Kcal
  • Banana – 1 medium 95 Kcal
  • Blackberries – 75g 19 Kcal
  • Blackcurrants – 75g 21 Kcal
  • Blueberries – 75g 32 Kcal
  • Cantaloupe melon – medium slice 22 Kcal
  • Cherries – 90g 43 Kcal
  • Clementines – 1 medium 28 Kcal
  • Cranberries – 75g 17 Kcal
  • Damson – 75g 28 Kcal
  • Fig – 1 fresh 37 Kcal
  • Fig – dried 50g 104 Kcal
  • Galia melon – medium slice 27 Kcal
  • Grapefruit – 1 medium 68 Kcal
  • Grapes – 75g 45 Kcal
  • Greengages – 75g 26 Kcal
  • Guavas – 60g 16 Kcal
  • Honeydew melon – medium slice 32 Kcal
  • Kiwi – 1 medium peeled 49 Kcal
  • Lemon – 1 medium 19 Kcal
  • Lychees – 75g 44 Kcal
  • Mango – 1 medium 66 Kcal
  • Nectarines – 1 medium 60 Kcal
  • Orange – 1 medium 56 Kcal
  • Papaya – ½ medium 41 Kcal
  • Passionfruit – 75g 27 Kcal
  • Peach – 1 medium 50 Kcal
  • Pear – 1 medium 60 Kcal
  • Pineapple – 60g 25 Kcal
  • Pomelo – 1/4 medium fruit  75 Kcal
  • Plum – 1 medium 36 Kcal
  • Raspberries – 60g 15 Kcal
  • Rhubarb (stewed without sugar) – 5 tbsp 5 Kcal
  • Satsuma – 1 medium 54 Kcal
  • Strawberries – 70g 19 Kcal
  • Tangerine – 1 medium 35 Kcal
  • Watermelon – medium slice 35 Kcal

Please comment on this post if you spot any mistakes or if you would like me to add any other fruits to the list.


Need help preparing fruit?  Here are some useful links:

Here are some of the added benefits in different fruits:

  • Apples – slow acting sugars may help you feel fuller longer
  • Blueberries – rich in antioxidants
  • Damsons – may lower blood cholesterol
  • Figs – source of calcium
  • Grapes – good for blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Kiwi – rich in Vitamin C (more than oranges)
  • Strawberries – rich in antioxidants

Starting to exercise. Take that first step.

I love the This Girl Can campaign  which the BBC reported as getting 2.8 million women aged 14-40 to get more active.  (link)

I wish the campaign had been around when I was at school.  I hated PE.  Well to be honest I didn’t hate PE itself.  I loved playing netball, hockey, rounders and badminton even though I wasn’t very skilled at the games.  I loved working as a team and having fun.  I hated… getting changed for PE in front of other girls, wearing tight fitting PE clothes that did not suit me, showing off my legs in a PE skirt, running, wheezing at the back during cross country, fitness tests, being weighed at school, having fat measured at school (only happen once – traumatising!) and worst of all showering communally.

As a primary school teacher I now know a lot of this has changed.  Changing rooms usually have cubicles and there’s no communal showering for a start.  Girls can often wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms now so don’t have to worry about having lots of flesh showing.  me2

I think most teenage girls feel self-conscious exercising in front of others.  This Girl Can has tried to normalise this.  Why does it seem alright for boys to sweat doing exercise but not girls?

There seem to be more options for exercising these days.  We can take Zumba or other dance classes.  There are so many walking, running apps around.  We can wear pedometers and track out steps and use social media to support and compete with others which can spur us on more.

I told myself I wouldn’t start exercising until I lost my first two stone.  It was amazing how quickly the time went!  So I  closed the living room curtains, moved the sofa and started an exercise DVD.  I was really self-conscious and didn’t want anyone to see me.  I was aware of the noise of the floorboards creaking and wondered if my neighbours could hear the elephant stomping noises coming from my house!  After 20 minutes I was exhausted!

I know people who’ve done the Couch to 5K plan.  I know people who love running.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  So I downloaded the app and had a go.  You start by walking for 5 minutes and then alternating 60 seconds running with 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down walk.  I got some running shoes and a running bag and set off.  I can’t run.  I wiggle a bit and it’s a bit faster than walking.  I’m not very good at running uphill.  I find it really difficult but I’m having a go.  I’m not sure I’ll continue running and following the plan to the letter.  I think I’m better walking regularly and alternating with some jogging occasionally when I can manage it.  The great news is that the more you weigh the more calories you burn walking or running.

I’ve downloaded some music using Amazon Music on to my phone.  I don’t normally listen to music on my phone.  I started out by getting some running tracks.  These are great as it encourages me to move faster than I normally would.  I downloaded Top 100 Running Hits Playlist and Christian Workout.


MyFitnessPal app – trying it out

It’s been a while since my last post. For those of you who haven’t read my Blog before here’s a bit of background.



I’m a female with insulin dependent diabetes and diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2016. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I lost a few stone on Slimming World in the past and recently lost two stone with Food Optimising on Slimming World.

I’ve been a bit stuck. I’ll admit it! I know you can lose weight with Slimming World and have always rated it. Eating without measuring (much) and never feeling hungry really worked well for me. Adding in Coeliac Disease to the mix has been a bit more tricky.  Slimming World try to be helpful and allow sufferers to adapt the Healthy Extras slightly.  Added to this I can’t do the Speed Days as it’s not advised if you’re diabetic.  Although I did lose two stone I personally felt I needed something to kick start my weight loss again.

Why calorie counting?  My husband has impressed me by calorie counting, exercising and losing three stone in a few months.  I’ve never wanted to go down this route before because I already count carbs to help calculate my insulin and didn’t want more numbers rolling around in my head!  To be honest it sounded too simple.  Calories in need to be lower than calories out for you to lose weight.  I wasn’t convinced, until I saw it work for my other half.


Getting started…  I downloaded MyFitnessPal app which had been recommended to me.  I went for the basic version.  I entered my age, gender, activity levels (hmm…low) and current weight.  Then I put in that I’d like to about 1lb per week.  You can adjust this at any time and can even set it up to maintain weight or put on weight if those are things you want to do.  The app advised me to try to stick to about 1690 calories per day.  The more you weigh the more calories you’re allowed.  If you’re more active you’re allowed more calories too.

Food diary…  I’m used to recording everything I eat since starting Slimming World.  I quick like micro-managing every detail at the moment until I know what I’m doing.  You can quickly add your calories, search for items or scan barcodes to add items.  Check how sensible the numbers sound as occasionally there may be a slight error.

Exercise…  You can add exercise each day and it gives you more calories in your allowance.  That’s the kind of motivation I need!

Detail…  The app can go into great detail about fibre, vitamins and other nutrients.  I don’t really use this as it isn’t my main motivation at the moment.

Weight…  You can enter your weight as often as you want.

So far…  I’ve lost 5lb this week.  I know when starting a new eating scheme I tend to lose a chunk to start off with and then losses are more steady after that.






Gluten free cake review – That’s Great Cake

img_20170108_195834Ok, so over Christmas I had a few treats. The rest of the time I stuck to the Slimming World plan and maintained my weight. I’m really happy about this as I’ve had lovely food but not too much.

My friend, Emma makes delicious cakes and desserts that she sells in South Yorkshire (Rotherham/Sheffield area). Her site is

That’s Great Cake Website

We’ve had some fantastic cakes from her over the years to help with different celebrations: birthdays, Valentine’s day, a Ruby Wedding, our Wedding.  She also makes more unusual bespoke cakes and we’ve had a Shoebox cake for a charity event and a cake to celebrate my husband’s chess team’s promotion!

Since I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I have missed homemade baking. I have had shop bought items but they’re not the same, are they?  Emma was planning her Christmas cake orders in the run up to the festive season and asked if we wanted one. A bit of a challenge when it needs to be gluten-free for me and nut-free for my husband. Unlike major companies she cannot guarantee her cakes don’t contain certain allergens but believe me, she is very careful to avoid cross-contamination.

In December 2016 the Christmas cakes were £25 for a simple iced design or £35 for anything a bit fancier. We asked for 3D penguins on ours.

The cake was enjoyed by members of our family and some friends. It was extremely rich with friut and moist because of the alcohol which was applied by Emma at regular points in the production.  As it needed to be nut-free too no nuts were added and no marzipan layer.  We opted for an extra layer of icing to give a smooth finish.

The models looked great. Emma spends many hours modelling with icing to make wonderful creations.

I’ll definitely be ordering a nut and gluten free cake from Emma on the future.  In fact we’ve already ordered a Valentine’s day one.  If you’re looking for a unique cake I’d highly recommend her site.

That’s Great Cake Website

My first giveaway! 100 Extra Easy Days – Slimming World


Ok, I’m having a go at doing a giveaway.  Competition starts at 5am 21st June and ends at 5am 28th June.  UK residents only. CLICK on the rafflecopter link at the end of this post.


I can’t list all the 300 meals here, so I thought I’d give examples of meals from each section to give you an idea of the contents.

Breakfast: brunch ham & egg wrap,  bangers & beans, fruity porridge, mushroom omelette, cinnamon French toast with banana

Lunch: five bean salad, grazing board, Moroccan tabbouleh salad, burger & wedges, chicken tikka sandwich

Dinner: pasta with spinach and bacon, homemade mustard sausages & colcannon, beef & black bean stir-fry, lamb chops with mint yoghurt, beef curry & rice

Most of the recipes are very easy to follow and only a few have detailed instructions to follow.  If any ingredients are healthy ‘a’ or ‘b’ choices or have a low syn value these are clearly shown.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Top Ten Tips for Diabetics on Slimming World

Slimming World has progressed greatly over the last few years and is now more greatly aware of its members unique dietary requirements.  I’ve done Slimming World in the past  (when I lost 3 1/2 stone) and have returned to the eating plan this year.  I thought it might be helpful to share some of the tips I’ve picked up.  I’ve recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease too, but I’ll cover this in a separate blog another time.


  1. Fill up on free fruit and vegetables – this goes for everyone on Slimming World!  Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables have fantastic filling power and make me less likely to pick on snacks at other times. (Tesco – Slimming World FREE foods)
  2. Eat regular meals – again this means that I don’t get to that ravenous stage where I want to eat everything in sight.  It can help to control blood sugar levels throughout the day.  I cook much more and needed to stock up on kitchen supplies.  (Slimming World Kitchen Essentials)
  3. Eat carbohydrates with most meals if active – if I’m busy I need the carbs to keep me going.  Sometimes in the evening I may cut out the carbs if I am not particularly hungry and don’t need them.  If I’m having a lazy evening in front of the TV I don’t always need the carbs.
  4. Don’t follow Extra Easy SP – it’s not advised for those of us with diabetes as cutting out carbs altogether may not be good for our blood sugar control.  Instead I try to eat lots of speed foods and protein rich foods. (Slimming World Speed Foods)
  5. Don’t miss breakfast – I can’t manage without the first meal of the day.  I used to rely on Weetabix but as I’m now gluten-free I love overnight oats.(Slimming World – Overnight Oats)
  6. Treat a hypo and don’t feel guilty – most of the time we can’t help it if we have hypos.  Treat them and move on.  I don’t worry about the extra syns.  I tend to stick to 10 syns or less per day to account for these little blips.
  7. Eat more oily fish – great for protein.  (Cod with Samphire & Petit Pois)
  8. Remember that everyone’s journey is different – I often joke that I’m on the scenic route to weight loss because it takes me a long time to drop the pounds.  Most advice I read says that slower weight loss better and we are more likely to keep the weight off.  A pound loss a week is 3 1/2 stone’s weight loss in a year!  That can be life changing.
  9. Most importantly: check with your GP or consultant if you are concerned about what you are eating.
  10. Join a Slimming World group locally or online – the support is amazing!


A couple of recipes you might like: