About me


Me in a submarine, Cozumel, Mexico.


Thanks for checking out my Blog.  Here’s a little bit of information about me.

My name’s Charlotte and I’m a supply teacher in South Yorkshire, England.

I’m someone who loves travelling and eating delicious food. I’d like to encourage others who are on their own slimming journeys.  I did the Slimming World plan a few years ago and from 2016 to 2017. In June 2016 I found out I have Coeliac Disease too, so I’ve been posting about this learning curve! In April 2017 I started calorie counting to try to boost my weight loss again.

I’ve had diabetes for over 16 years and have always had issues with my weight.  I want to get healthy.  I’ve always found dieting hard going and not many plans fit in with diabetes.

My other hobbies include: going to church; spending time with family and friends; crafting; learning German and Spanish; and reading.  I like watching real life crime programmes, superhero series, Call the Midwife, Sherlock and travel documentaries.

Thanks again


x x x

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