How to prepare – Pomegranate

IMG_20160227_083059I’m gradually warming towards this fruit.  I wasn’t sure at first – just eating a spoonful of pips wasn’t my idea of fun.  Now I’ve found that a spoonful sprinkled in a fruit salad, or dessert adds a tasty crunch.  There are a couple of ways of preparing a pomegranate.  I will quickly explain how I did it.  Be careful though as the juice can stain clothing.

  1. Slice off the top.IMG_20160227_083025
  2. Cut out a segment.DSC_0607
  3. Prise out the seeds with your fingers.IMG_20160227_083001
  4. Continue cutting out segments and prising out seeds.
  5. Pick out any bits of pith.

Want to know how to prepare other foods?  Click a link below:


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