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Easy Tikka Masala Sauce – Slimming World

A quick meal at our house used to include the obligatory jar of curry sauce with some kind of meat and some rice.


A typical jar of tikka sauce like this is around 20 syns.

Now I’m on Slimming World…
I can’t reach for a jar of sauce as it’s crammed full of syns.  It’s quick (not as quick) and easy to make your own sauce for no syns.DSC_0614

Serves 3-4 people

Ingredients: 2 tbsp curry powder, salt, pepper, Frylight, 2 tsp onion powder, 2 tsp of garlic puree, 1 tbsp chilli flakes, 2 tbsp tomato puree, 1/4 tsp sweetener, 2 x 400g tins of tomatoes, 6 tbsp very low fat fromage frais,  cooked meat (I used leftover lamb from previous day, grilled chicken goes well with it).

Method: Put all ingredients except fromage frais and meat into a pan and heat on a medium heat for 2-3 minutes.  Blend the tinned tomatoes with a hand blender and add to the pan.  Bring to the boil, then add meat, then allow to simmer for 10-20 minutes.  Take off the heat, stir in the fromage frais and serve.

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A fresh gluten-free dinner

Diabetes AND Coeliac Disease?

I’m awaiting a gastroscopy procedure to confirm or refute me having coeliac disease. Unfortunately, in the meantime, I need to continue to eat gluten.  If I don’t do this the gastroscopy won’t show up anything and I won’t know what’s up.  Well it’s just one more week.  I had a pasta n sauce for lunch and felt uncomfortable for the rest of the afternoon so I decided to have something fresh and nutritious for my evening meal.gluten

Evening meal

So I had pre-cooked chicken fillets with spinach, spring onion, tomatoes and pomegranate seeds.  I finished off with fruit salad of mango, kiwi, plum, banana and raspberries.  If you want to know how to prepare pomegranate click here: How to prepare – Pomegranate

Healthy Extras

Since my blood tests came back and suggested coeliacs I have looked for different breakfast options.  This time on Slimming World and last time I stuck to 2 Weetabix and skimmed milk (sometimes with fruit).  It did mean that I had no Healthy Extras left to use in the day.  I tried Overnight Oats, which I have blogged about, and loved them.  It uses a ‘b’ option for the 35g porridge oats and then just fruit and yoghurt.  It leaves me with an ‘a’ option left over.  I can use that on milk if I want or cheese as part of a meal.  I’ve also discovered this week that I can have 200ml of Alpro soya chocolate milk as a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice.

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How to prepare – Pomegranate

IMG_20160227_083059I’m gradually warming towards this fruit.  I wasn’t sure at first – just eating a spoonful of pips wasn’t my idea of fun.  Now I’ve found that a spoonful sprinkled in a fruit salad, or dessert adds a tasty crunch.  There are a couple of ways of preparing a pomegranate.  I will quickly explain how I did it.  Be careful though as the juice can stain clothing.

  1. Slice off the top.IMG_20160227_083025
  2. Cut out a segment.DSC_0607
  3. Prise out the seeds with your fingers.IMG_20160227_083001
  4. Continue cutting out segments and prising out seeds.
  5. Pick out any bits of pith.

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Yellow Split Pea soup with Bacon – Slimming World


Syn free!

A hearty and filling soup.  It’s very easy to make and a great chance for me to cook with celeriac for once.


A great chance to try celeriac in a recipe.

Ingredients: 170g yellow split peas, 1 diced potato, 1 diced onion, 1 diced carrot, 40g of diced celeriac, pinch of white pepper, 1 tsp chicken Bovril, pinch of turmeric, 1 bay leaf, 1tsp garlic powder, 350g grilled bacon diced


  1. Put 100g of the split peas and all the other ingredients, except bacon, in to a pan.
  2. Make up 375ml of stock using 1 tsp of chicken Bovril and add to the pan.


    Don’t forget to hold back 70g of the yellow split peas for later.

  3. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove from the heat, take out the bay leaf and blend with a hand blender.

    DSC_0600 (1)

    Take the bay leaf out before blending it.

  5. Add 300ml of boiling water, the last 70g of split peas and the bacon and cook on a medium/low heat for 20 minutes. 

DSC_0601 (1)

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Weigh in number 8

diabetesSo today was weigh in number 8.  Another 1lb lost; a total of 11lb.  I know this is going to be a steady journey for me.  I’m diabetic and have always found weight loss slow going.  Also, I’ve been unwell recently.

I’ve been on Slimming World online to find out a bit more about Extra Easy SP to speed up my weight loss.  I don’t mind losing 1lb a week; that’s 52lb a year, but I need a little boost.

Unfortunately Extra Easy SP isn’t really suitable for people with diabetes.  Instead I should just try to add as many Speed Free Foods (S) and Protein Free Foods (P) as I can to my normal Food Optimising.  Extra Easy SP is just too restrictive and I can’t eat enough carbs.

So my plan this week is to increase my S and P foods as much as I can.

I’d like to say that I generally find Food Optimising fits in with my diabetes.  I can eat enough carbs and can snack between meals if I need to.  I can’t be doing with diets where I need to count the points for an apple or banana.  I did Slimming World years ago and stuck to Green days (can eat carbs but no meat).  I tried the odd Red day (can eat meat but no carbs) and hated  being without carbs.  I find it much easier and can enjoy meat too.

Courgette Curry – Slimming World


Courgette curry with fried potatoes

I do eat non-curried foods too.  It’s just that I find it really easy to get lots of my free foods crammed into a decent curry.  This recipe is from an old Slimming World recipe book.  It’s syn free too!

Ingredients: Frylight, 1tsp cumin seeds, 1tsp mustard seeds, 1 onion diced, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1 tbsp curry powder, 2 large courgettes cut into chunks, 400g can chopped tomatoes, 1 tbsp tomato puree, 1/2 tsp artificial sweetener, salt


  1. Spray a large frying pan with Frylight (I didn’t pick a large enough one and had to change it part way through).  Add cumin and mustard seeds and fry until they start to pop.


    The seeds can get violent when they start popping!

  2. Add the onion and fry for 5 minutes.


    … or until softened.

  3. Add the garlic, curry powder and courgette and cook for 3 minutes.


    Stir often.

  4. Stir in the tomatoes, puree, sweetener and 150ml of water and bring to the boil.
  5. Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes.
  6. Remove from the heat, season and serve.

I served mine with fried diced up baked potato.

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Mixed Grill – Slimming World


Diet food?  Well it’s all syn-free on Slimming World!

Fancy a guilt-free, syn-free, filling mixed grill?  This is easy to make (like most of my recipes) and my other half doesn’t complain at it being ‘diet food’.

  1. Wash and pierce a baking potato and cook in the microwave for about 8 minutes.
  2. Chop the potato into chunks, add salt and pepper and cook in Frylight for a few minutes to brown them.


    Baking the potato and then frying makes them taste really sweet.

  3. Cook 2 Slimming World pork sausages and 1 beef burger (from Iceland) on a health grill (or in a pan with Frylight).
  4. Towards the end of the cooking time add some bacon and tomato halves.


    I love my health grill but you could fry them.

  5. Meanwhile fry 2 eggs in Frylight.


    You could have poached or scrambled if you prefer.  Or add to the potatoes for something a bit different.

You may also want to add mushrooms (I don’t like them personally).

You may want to add toast as a Healthy ‘b’ choice.

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